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Hamilton Color Lab

Welcome to the Hamilton Color Lab blog, stay tuned for more information on digital printing, special projects to inspire and ideas to make your business images ROCK

What can you expect? Obviously information on the products and services we provide, but you will also find much more.

For example:

  • Famous people we have printed, including sports figures and presidents
  • Craft projects to do with your photos
  • Graduating Senior photo tips (I’ve had 4 seniors now)
  • Photo Decorating ideas
  • Fundraising ideas with photographs
  • How to sort through vintage photos
  • What’s the difference between scanners anyway
  • Digital capturing artwork
  • Industry News
  • Photography Tips
  • Photoshop & Lightroom tips
  • Photo crafts (from Pinterest of course)
  • Trivia series
  • and much more

Author: 3 Quarters Images

Passionate about many things including photography, design, family, cooking, friends, and social media. Depending on the day, the order might change, or I might combine one or two. I am the Mother of two Marines, and as my husband says I can get very passionate about a subject. He likes to say "Who stuck a quarter in you and wound you up?" Most people can only take three quarters of my passion in one day. Hence my slogan "3 Quarters Today"

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