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Professional Photographers Want the Best Prints

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Professional photographers recommend Hamilton Color Lab

Referral cards are available upon request

Professional photographers spend a lot of time and money in getting the best color and quality to all the photos they take. It’s an art and a science to obtain the best skin tones and clarity. The finished result is one of pride and accomplishment.

The last thing they want to do is see their work printed at store or lab that doesn’t color balance or calibrate their machines. Discount stores and one hour printers don’t use professional papers or sophisticated calibration programs on their processors. This often results in off color skin tones, blurring of detail and loss of clarity in images.

That’s why professional photographers recommend Hamilton Color lab to all their clients to get the best prints possible.

The Hamilton Difference

  • Fuji Professional + Crystal Archive Lustre Paper
  • Daily Calibrated Process Printers
  • Human cropping (we don’t let the computer cut off heads)
  • Individual file adjustment (not computer auto adjust)
  • Inspected prints for scratches and dust
  • Die-cut rounded corner wallets
  • Individual customer service and attention

As a service for photographers we offer the above referral card, free, to place in your customer information packets and with their CD’s. These 4×5″ marketing piece is printed on the same Lustre paper as our high quality prints to showcase the quality and results of a print they would receive.

If you would like to include these cards in your customer packets, you can pick up referral cards at Hamilton Color Lab located at 4305 South 120th St, Omaha NE (120th & I st)or request them to be mailed by filling out the form below.


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