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Lightweight is the Name of the Game in Trade Show Displays

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If you have ever set up a booth at a trade show or conference you understand how heavy and cumbersome booths and displays can be to manage. Just one trip with lugging a hard case through an airport, or wrestling the beast into your car, is a memory you don’t want to repeat.

At Hamilton Color Lab we have a solution, a HopUp fabric display. It’s lightweight, quick and easy to set up, yet the aluminum frame is heavy duty and strong.

Orbus Hop up display

The dye-sublimation printing process  on the fabric is color fast, won’t fade and is an ideal canvas for branding your company. In these economic  times when budgets are tight companies want to make the make the most of their advertising and marketing dollar.  With this display changing graphics is easy and economical.

Each department, brand, or audience can have their own fabric display for appropriate branding.

Orbus Hopup Display

Tear down is simple, collapse the whole display, fabric and all,  into a compact soft sided case and wheel it to the door.

Coyote Pop up Display

Coyote Pop up Display fit neatly in a lightweight case

Portable tension Fabric Hopup displays are available in nine different sizes from table top to full booth size at 60″x89″. Different options include straight, curved fronts, end caps and optional lights.

For just a little over a thousand dollars your business can have a complete, full size, display in a bag, with graphics.

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One thought on “Lightweight is the Name of the Game in Trade Show Displays

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