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Free Valentines Card Template

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Valentines Day is not just for lovers and romance, but a time to remember everyone you love in your life and those who love you. New parents like to be reminded about not only how much they love their children but also how much their children love them back. So Dad, if you want to score points on Valentines Day give your wife a card from her little girl or boy.  Or, Mom, do the same for Dad.

Click to download Photoshop template

Click to download Photoshop template

Click to download free Photoshop template file

Click to download free Photoshop file

This free Valentines card is sized for a 4×6 photo print and can be printed on your home printer or at any photo printer in your town. You can save the image as a image JPG and format a folded card on your computer and voila Valentines Day is saved. The only thing that would be sweeter would be to place that little hand print on the back of the card.

If you prefer there is a red Photoshop template you can download as well for the little boys in your life.

This design will work on all Photoshop version from CS2 and higher, knowledge of Photoshop is a plus and attaching photos to a shape layer by using a clipping or layer mask. The video below is a short tutorial of when to use either a clipping or layer mask in your templates and Photoshop Designs.


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Passionate about many things including photography, design, family, cooking, friends, and social media. Depending on the day, the order might change, or I might combine one or two. I am the Mother of two Marines, and as my husband says I can get very passionate about a subject. He likes to say "Who stuck a quarter in you and wound you up?" Most people can only take three quarters of my passion in one day. Hence my slogan "3 Quarters Today"

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