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Uploading and Ordering Digitial Prints

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Uploading and ordering digital prints from Hamilton Color Lab is as easy ad 1-2-3. In fact some say it’s so easy it’s hard and it’s the best way to sent us your digital photos for printing.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1 : Register (we won’t bombard you with mailings either)

Step 2: Browse and attach each file, (no size limit, alhtough the bigger the files the longer the upload

Hamilton Color Lab ordering

Easiest and fastest photo ordering system

Enter your order instructions  in your own words.

If you want one 8×10,¬† three 5×7, and 8 sheets of wallets from the same image just tell us. Need us to call you to answer a question? Ask. No need to crop, resize, or upload multiple versions. Our printing technician will custom crop to make the best image possible from your photo.

Step 3: Click the upload button

How to order photos online at Hamilton Color Lab

Scroll to bottom, click upload

That’s it.¬† Easy? Yup, we think so. Old school easy. No need to hassle with entering a credit card number, no trying to navigate through multiple screens and windows. We are a professional lab and if, for some reason we have a problem with your image, we’ll give you a call.

You will receive an email notification that your files have been received and when your prints are ready for pick-up we will give you a call and let you know. We believe in personal service.

We are one of the most economical, personal service professional color print labs in the country. We do not auto-crop or auto-correct your photo files. Check out our pricing or call us at 402-330-1600 for more information.

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Passionate about many things including photography, design, family, cooking, friends, and social media. Depending on the day, the order might change, or I might combine one or two. I am the Mother of two Marines, and as my husband says I can get very passionate about a subject. He likes to say "Who stuck a quarter in you and wound you up?" Most people can only take three quarters of my passion in one day. Hence my slogan "3 Quarters Today"

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