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Idea for Senior Pictures

Photo collage using senior pictures

Photo collage using senior pictures, black background

High school seniors love their senior pictures, especially the girls and the Mothers of boys. During a senior photo shoot it’s not uncommon to have multiple changes of clothes, and many locations. How do you just chose a few to print and frame? You don’t have too.

Let Hamilton Color Lab put together a senior photo collage with thirteen images on any square print. The most common frame sizes are 10×10, 12×12, and 20×20, but think contemporary with a presentation print mounted on black gator board, or a gallery wrapped canvas.  Background is available in either black or white.

Square photo collage using senior pictures

Square photo collage using senior pictures

How to order:

  1. Bring in your images to Hamilton Color Lab at 4305 South I St, Omaha NE, or upload them to our website
  2. We need 15 images to create the collage as not all pictures will crop appropriately into a square format
  3. Layout is at our discretion and we will email you a small viewable proof before printing for your approval. At that time you can request one edit.
  4. Due to the variety of size and display options pricing is done on an individual basis.
  5. You can also email email us for specific questions and price options to fit every budget

This collage layout is very versatile and can be used to highlight high school memories on the edge with friends with the senior portrait in the middle, or yearly school pictures from kindergarten through high school.

For the family think a first year baby picture with each month along the edge and the one year old photo in the middle. Create a theme and do this every year as a look back on your child’s life.

Have an athlete in the family? Celebrate the end of the season with a football, softball, or baseball collage commemorating the season, or players. Your creativity is the only limiting factor, let us at Hamilton bring your idea to life.



Graduation Announcement, Magazine Cover Style

Magazine Cover Senior InvitationWelcome to Senior year 2013. We have some fresh new designs for graduation announcements this year including this glamor magazine style cover for your graduating senior. This design is available in either a 5×7 announcement or as an 8×10 print to put on the senior table during the party or print as a gift.

Text can be customized for your graduate, including color and all our announcements come with envelopes in both the 5×7 and 4×8 size. Stop by Hamilton Color Lab in Omaha Nebraska for all your senior printing needs and personal service. We make printing your senior photos easy and painless.

Senior photo announcements are the highest quality printing available. While the “bargin” printers offer rock bottom pricing their quality shows in less than quality printing on less than quality paper. Hamilton’s announcements are true professional photographs on professional Fuji paper with calibrated color correction  that will last for generations. Why wouldn’t you want the best for this once in a lifetime event. Your professional photos deserve professional printing.

Hamilton Color Lab is located at 120th & I St in Sports Plaza. We are a professional color lab and welcome professional photographers and serious amateurs. When you want professional digital prints with  professional  service and paper we are the printer for you. Walk-ins are welcome. 


Roll-up Banners, Stars of the Convention

Roll up retractable banners are popping up at conventions, conferences, trade shows and on the show room floor. Why? Because they are lightweight, versatile and very economical on the yearly budget.

branded roll up banners

Use paired banners

I have attended many trade shows over the years, have shipped heavy exhibit cases to hotels and  wrestled with them through convention centers and airports. Roll up banners are the perfect solution. They are lightweight and fit into a soft sided shoulder case and easily fit into the back seat of a car.

Set up is fast and easy, another point I like about the Orbus Orient Banners. Not to be chauvinistic (I am a women btw), but more and more women are setting up their companies booths at the  convention, so easy of setup is important. In actuality, no one likes wrestling with their trade show display.

Three steps to Setting up a Retractable Banner

Step 1: Assemble the three piece bungee pole, insert into the base

Connecting the pole

Connecting the pole

Assembling a roll up banner

Pulling out banner

Step 2: Tip the pole towards you and pull the banner from the base.  Guide the banner to the top of the pole and clip into the slot.

Step 3: “Walk” the banner into the upright position.

Assembling a roll up banner

Walking the Banner Up

Roll up retractable banner for trade shows

Simple and easy!

At Hamilton Color Lab, in Omaha Nebraska, we see a spike in sales in the beginning of the year just before the spring show season. Graphic departments are never at a loss for various designs and branding concepts and the roll up banner is an economical way to stretch the show budget.  A company can purchase four sets of bases and have an library of twenty different designs to switch out for various shows, audiences, and products.

Often exhibitors bring in the bases to have us change out graphics for a small service charge. All replacement roll up banners are printed and laminated in our Omaha location and loaded into the hardware ready to take to the show.

It’s not unusual for our shipping department to ship new banners and graphics to various cities around the United States this time of year. We work directly with marketing and design firms in Omaha who have customers all over the country. We can even ship directly to the conference center via UPS.

Next time you need trade show displays or graphics give us a call at 402-330-1600


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Christmas Photo Cards

Contemporary Christmas and Holiday photo cards are new this year.  We have 4×8 and 5×7 sizes complete with envelopes that will complement your family’s photo. Use your own snapshots or bring in your photographers disc, with the print release,  for a memorable card this season.

There are a couple ways to order. Come into our store location at 120th & I street in Omaha and have our helpful staff help you, or upload your photos to our website with the design number and text. We will email a proof for your approval before we print and call you when your order is ready.

Click on the images below for a larger size.

At Hamilton Color Lab we print our greeting cards on the same high quality Fuji Professional Plus Lustre photograph paper to preserve the color and clarity for years to come.

Friends and family will cherish these high quality professional quality Christmas prints and save them as keepsakes to look at each year as the holiday boxes come out. Just image 50 years from now your children sitting around the Christmas tree going through the memories of holidays past.

We also have New Years Cards to welcome in the new year for those who didn’t quite find the time to send out Christmas cards.

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Fall Colors and Photography

What is it about fall that makes one think about photography? Is it the realization summer is gone, or the anticipation of the upcoming holiday season? Maybe it’s the change of seasons that reminds us that our children are changing and growing before our eyes that makes us want to freeze time in a photograph.

Whatever the reason, there are plenty of photo opportunities ahead with fall foliage, Halloween, family gatherings at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Keep your camera at the ready and stay tuned for an easy way to change your homes’ seasonal decor with photography.

Fall leaves

This photo opp came from my picnic lunch at a local park in Omaha. I just couldn’t stay inside today. So I ventured out, enjoyed the sun and became inspired.

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Turn Your “Hobby” into a Masterpiece

Do you, or a family member have enjoy or have a passion for art? Do they keep a sketch book with pencil drawings or have their favorites in a box. Why not share and give them the gift of art and show your loved ones your proud of what’s in between those pages? Do something special for the loved ones in your life.

At Hamilton Color Lab we specialize in Art Reproductions and Giclee prints and we can help your dream become a reality.

Wildflower sketches in a door frame

Wildflower sketches in a door frame

People often ask me if I like my job. I tell them no. I love my job! One day a gentleman came into the shop with a stack of wildflower sketches his Mother had drawn over the years.

His project was to reuse, recycle, or upcycle, an old window using the panes as frames and present his Mother with a one of a kind gift.

There were various sizes on various types of paper, done with various types of pencil and graphite. Could we make all the images the same size and print on watercolor paper? No problem.

Step 1: High resolution artist scan using our Scitex Eversmart Pro Scanner to create digital files.

Step 2: Balance all the images for the same color backgrounds. White is not white, the tones varied on different sketch books.

Step 3: Resize the images horizontally to fit within a matte. The vertical size was not as critical as the image could be floated in the canvas space.

Step 4: Use the Epson 9900 Giclee printer with Velvet Cotton Rag paper to recreate the sketch book medium

Step 5: Create a happy customer, which you could see up above the results.

A few weeks later I opened my email to find this photo, as much as I love the beginning of the job, the reward is when a customer sends a photo of the finished product.

Do you have a special occasion coming soon? A birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or any other holiday? Think of what your loved one is passionate about and give a gift that will be cherished for years and generations to come.  Contact us to help your vision come to life.

Don’t live in Omaha Nebraska? We accept shipped artwork and will work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied.

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Restoring a Family Legacy

One of the most rewarding aspects we enjoy at Hamilton Color Lab is restoring family photographs that have a family legacy. Although photos come in on a regular basis with precious memories attached, some are more special than others.

World War I reproduction of USS Virginia

Earlier this month Deborah brought in old photos of her father and the picture of the battleship he served on, the USS Virginia from during 1918. The photo was in the original frame, stuck to the broken glass, and badly faded and discolored. She wanted to see if we could some how preserve the image before it faded away to just a memory.

This was only part of the story. Along with the photo of the carrier was two portraits of her father who served on ship and a small Bible he carried with him during World War I and World War II. Both Fred and the Bible survived Berlin and action in France.

Upon discharge, Fred Chandler Turner he gave the Bible to his son who carried it in World War II  His grandson later carried it with him during service El Salvador.

Deborah wanted to know if  we could also scan the portraits and the pages of the Bible and put together a collage so it could all be framed in a shadow box? By this time I had goosebumps at the story and so did Dave Hamilton, the owner. Considering the condition of the print, with the glass will attached,  returning the photo back to its original condition would not be easy. But we wanted to try.

The challenging part was to create a digital capture of the USS Virginia and compensate for the glare of the glass on one side and the photo on the other and keep the same tone across the whole image. With our controlled studio lighting, some Photoshop magic, and some killer graphic design skill we were able to accomplish the hardest part.

Family HIstorical Bible from WWI

The portraits and pages from the Bible we scanned on our Eversmart Scitex Pro Scanner, that was the easy part. We were able to pick up the subtle detail in portraits and the texture in the cover of the Bible. The result was a reproduction so close to the original it brought tears to her eyes.

That is when we go home at night feeling a great amount of job satisfaction, knowing we have had an impact on the lives of others and preserved a piece of history for future generations. Thank you Debbie for trusting us with such a treasure, it has been an honor.

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To bring your old photos back to life, or create better than original scanned prints from your vintage prints, negatives, or slides bring them to our location at 120th & I Street in Omaha, NE.