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Restoring a Family Legacy

One of the most rewarding aspects we enjoy at Hamilton Color Lab is restoring family photographs that have a family legacy. Although photos come in on a regular basis with precious memories attached, some are more special than others.

World War I reproduction of USS Virginia

Earlier this month Deborah brought in old photos of her father and the picture of the battleship he served on, the USS Virginia from during 1918. The photo was in the original frame, stuck to the broken glass, and badly faded and discolored. She wanted to see if we could some how preserve the image before it faded away to just a memory.

This was only part of the story. Along with the photo of the carrier was two portraits of her father who served on ship and a small Bible he carried with him during World War I and World War II. Both Fred and the Bible survived Berlin and action in France.

Upon discharge, Fred Chandler Turner he gave the Bible to his son who carried it in World War II  His grandson later carried it with him during service El Salvador.

Deborah wanted to know if  we could also scan the portraits and the pages of the Bible and put together a collage so it could all be framed in a shadow box? By this time I had goosebumps at the story and so did Dave Hamilton, the owner. Considering the condition of the print, with the glass will attached,  returning the photo back to its original condition would not be easy. But we wanted to try.

The challenging part was to create a digital capture of the USS Virginia and compensate for the glare of the glass on one side and the photo on the other and keep the same tone across the whole image. With our controlled studio lighting, some Photoshop magic, and some killer graphic design skill we were able to accomplish the hardest part.

Family HIstorical Bible from WWI

The portraits and pages from the Bible we scanned on our Eversmart Scitex Pro Scanner, that was the easy part. We were able to pick up the subtle detail in portraits and the texture in the cover of the Bible. The result was a reproduction so close to the original it brought tears to her eyes.

That is when we go home at night feeling a great amount of job satisfaction, knowing we have had an impact on the lives of others and preserved a piece of history for future generations. Thank you Debbie for trusting us with such a treasure, it has been an honor.

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