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A New Relationship with the JJ Audubon Museum

During the summer of 2013, the John James Audubon museum in Henderson, Kentucky invited the owner of Hamilton Color Lab, Dave Hamilton, to the museum to digitally capture and reproduce all the original works of JJ Audubon. This is just the start of  what is anticipated as a long and endearing partnership. JJ Audubon is most know for his Birds of America Series consisting of 435 life size prints of over 700 North American birds, (the Red Shouldered Hawk below is part of the series) however there are several pieces of art in his personal collection which have never been reproduced or printed.

Audubon Red Shouldered Hawk

JJ Audubon: Red Shouldered Hawk

While there have been various fine art reproductions of the Double Elephant Folio series the museum always thought improvements could still be made to not only return the art to original luster and vibrancy, but make prints available for sale to the public at an affordable price. Although Dave has quite a reputation in the art reproduction industry for doing phenomenal work, it is not where this story began.

Our story into the world of JJ Audubon begins with a customer, fellow photographer, and good friend, Tom Wandel.  In the fall of 2012, Tom Wandell traveled the Eastern United States on a photography tour. His mission, through his Indelible Images organization, is to assist wildlife and other conservation organizations with professional photographs and images for use in their educational and outreach efforts.

After meeting with the curator and staff Tom was inspired and proposed an art reproduction and restoration project of not only the DE Bird Folio but various other Audubon art. Tom and the curator envisioned a partnership between the Audubon Museum in Henderson Kentucky and Hamilton Color Lab where Dave Hamilton would digitally capture and restore the art and  both the museum and and Hamilton Color Lab could sell the prints, branded and authenticated with the JJ Audubon Museum Fine Art Collection seal.

The first step has been completed, with two full days of photography at the museum capturing over 800 pieces of art, some the public has rarely seen, except in the Audubon family museum. Next came step two, selecting a few pieces from the Folio series to restore, print and send to the museum for approval and the go ahead to proceed with the remainder of the art.

Prints were packaged and shipped UPS to Henderson Kentucky and the next week Tom and Dave contacted Allen on the phone. Allen said when he opened the box and removed the parrot and hawk prints the first words out of his mouth were “These are drop dead gorgeous!”


Now the real time consuming work begins, starting on the first book of the DE Folio. Eventually there will be four leather bound limited edition books, just like the original series and individual limited edition prints in the original size and one size smaller, printed on cotton rag archival paper using a Giclee printing process. Details have yet to be worked out regarding price, number of editions, and sizes. We are still in the beginning phases of this project.

We are compiling a mailing list for those interested in purchasing any prints and invite you to complete the form below. Mailing address is not mandatory, but if you include it we will mail you notifications on the progress of the JJ Audubon Museum Fine Art Series.


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Give a Canvas Print as a Gift

With digital photography it’s never been easier to turn your digital images into art.

A personalized gift means so much more than a gift card or something from a department store.  A photo canvas is more than just a a snapshot. It’s an image that brings back memories of places and people you love. It’s a photography that doesn’t want to be hidden inside a computer or a  photo album. It’s a photo taken that makes you go “Wow”

Gallery wrapped canvas

Gallery wrapped canvas for a wedding gift

So how do you choose that perfect image for a canvas print?  Select an image that will be timeless, with an emphasis as a landscape. Clothes, make-up, glasses, and hair can look dated twenty years from now, but a classic landscape with a perfect pose last forever. It’s not to say you shouldn’t create a canvas in your wedding dress or your baby’s newborn photo. Those are landmark events to remember and showcase too.

But, just think what the newly married couple in this above image thought when they opened their gifts the day after the wedding. It must of brought tears to their eyes.

The fall colors just pop on our giclee canvas print and the pose is one that draws you into the image and to the couple.  It’s one of my favorite projects we have done at Hamilton Color and I use it as an example all the time. Who wouldn’t love to have this hanging on their wall?

Anatomy of a Gallery wrapped Canvas Print from Hamilton Color Lab

Anatomy of a Gallery wrapped Canvas Print

Not all canvas prints are the same. Check the quality before purchasing anywhere else. You might not be getting what you think.

  • All canvas prints from Hamilton Color Lab are printed in-house
  • 23 mil premium cotton/poly canvas for the best color tones and durability
  • UltraChrome® HDR ink with 300 year color fast longevitiy
  • Poplar hard word frame for durable and prevent bowing
  • Folded corner and stapled edges to prevent sagging
  • Professional finished solid back to additional protection
  • Ready to hang, easy as taking it home and hanging.

If you have any questions email us at info@hamiltoncolorlab.com or call 800-420-1600  for more information on how to get your canvas printed. Remember there is always a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas holiday around the corner.