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A Window to the World

Sometimes a photography is a window to the world, and the right frame makes all the difference. Some of our favorite projects at Hamilton Color Lab is when a customer brings us a vision and the result is better than they envisioned.

When Otis Twelve came in with a large unique frame he found in an antique shop and an image to print, this project piqued my interest. Sometimes the picture frame takes an ordinary photo and makes is extra-ordinary.

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The photo was formatted on a disc and I didn’t have an opportunity to see the image until it was printed. Considering the frame we were fitting it to I was very anxious to see what type of image could stand up to this magnificent frame.  Normally fine art photographs are printed with a white border, but this frame said otherwise.

The frame was crooked and almost a half inch shorter on one side than the other. So the border distance would of been apparent. After consulting with our customer the decision was made to frame flush to the photograph. What a dramatic difference! Our framing technician was also impressed on how the red leaves in this snow scene just popped and matched the red tones of the frame.

This work of art is truly like looking out of a window into the world and reminded me of the quote by Conor Oberst.

“If the world could remain within a frame like a painting on the wall, I think we’d see the beauty then and stand staring in awe”

I am certainly tired of winter, the snow, and ready for spring and some sunshine. The only snow I want to see is in a photograph, as if I’m inside looking through a window.

If you have a unique frame, and a vision for a photograph bring it to Hamilton Color Lab in Omaha, Nebraska. We are the only custom professional photo lab in the state and can print any size and turn your ordinary photo into a work of art.


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Turn Your “Hobby” into a Masterpiece

Do you, or a family member have enjoy or have a passion for art? Do they keep a sketch book with pencil drawings or have their favorites in a box. Why not share and give them the gift of art and show your loved ones your proud of what’s in between those pages? Do something special for the loved ones in your life.

At Hamilton Color Lab we specialize in Art Reproductions and Giclee prints and we can help your dream become a reality.

Wildflower sketches in a door frame

Wildflower sketches in a door frame

People often ask me if I like my job. I tell them no. I love my job! One day a gentleman came into the shop with a stack of wildflower sketches his Mother had drawn over the years.

His project was to reuse, recycle, or upcycle, an old window using the panes as frames and present his Mother with a one of a kind gift.

There were various sizes on various types of paper, done with various types of pencil and graphite. Could we make all the images the same size and print on watercolor paper? No problem.

Step 1: High resolution artist scan using our Scitex Eversmart Pro Scanner to create digital files.

Step 2: Balance all the images for the same color backgrounds. White is not white, the tones varied on different sketch books.

Step 3: Resize the images horizontally to fit within a matte. The vertical size was not as critical as the image could be floated in the canvas space.

Step 4: Use the Epson 9900 Giclee printer with Velvet Cotton Rag paper to recreate the sketch book medium

Step 5: Create a happy customer, which you could see up above the results.

A few weeks later I opened my email to find this photo, as much as I love the beginning of the job, the reward is when a customer sends a photo of the finished product.

Do you have a special occasion coming soon? A birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or any other holiday? Think of what your loved one is passionate about and give a gift that will be cherished for years and generations to come.  Contact us to help your vision come to life.

Don’t live in Omaha Nebraska? We accept shipped artwork and will work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied.